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Are you:

Not making enough money from your email campaigns or have a very low conversion rate?


Alone and feeling desperate for someone to help you run an email campaign that actually works? 

Exhausted and burned-out from Marketing Agencies over-promising and under-delivering?


Is your business located in:



Or any other Arab Country!


Do you want:





A young Safa Shire!

I am a copywriter that helps Lifestyle Brands in the UAE and the Arab World by taking off the burden of email list management and writing email campaigns that

doubles leads in 90 days.

P.S. I'm not that young!

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Lets Double your Leads in 90 Days with compelling Email Copy!





White Plants

Straight from my clients


Montasser Abu Hazeem

Founder, Vanquish Holding Legal

I really enjoyed working with Safa...

Her language was very good ... and she delivered on time.

She was very understanding, and I was relaxed working with her. She asked the right questions and delivered the results on time. I recommend her.

The Greatest Formula that Makes you more Money than you can Imagine, and is 100% AUTOMATED!

The Attention Grabber

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great tool that you can use to grab the attention of of your prospective customers!


You can gather all the information you need from them by inviting them to an event or giving them something for free.


The Connector

Landing Pages

I call this part the Connector as it ushers your customers to the Sales Page.


A good landing page continues the message of the email or the Ad and engages the interests of your customers.


The Face

Website Copy


Your website can also be used to increase your email list through 

- Creating Trust

- Building Authority

- Using a strong Call-To-Action.


The Constant Reminder

Email Copy

Emails that sing using your voice and has an irresistible offer will make your customer do anything you want them to do!


Emails will constantly remind prospects of your services.

The minute they need your service... 

they will come running.


The Closer

Sales Page

People are getting smarter and smarter.

No longer are they going to purchase a product or a service without doing an in-depth research on the best out there.

Showcase, compare, fascinate and provide great value with your sales pages.




For a short while, I am offering 7 Days Email Marketing

for FREE!

And that is all for

A Testimonial, 

A Referral,

And to write a Case Study on Your Success so others are encouraged to hire me!


Want to know more details???

Creative Work
  • What is copywriting?
    Copywriting is when you write copy! But what is a copy? A copy is everything and anything that you read that compels and urges you to do something. Copy can be mostly found on the internet, though there are still many print copy circulated to this day. Example of a copy: In Facebook or twitter or any other site, you will always see this phrase “Create a Free Account”. This is a copy. Copy could also lead you to buy something. Does this button sound familiar: “Order Now”! Well, this is a copy, along with the text that precedes and follows it. Email copy has around 150 to 500 words in average. A Sales Page can go upto 9,000 words.
  • What does a copywriter do?
    Well, a copywriter can make you a lot of cash!! No seriously I can make you rich, and richer than you are. Let’s take for example a vegan meal plan provided by a Meal Plan Company "XYZ". XYZ has a marketing team that promotes this meal plan to people locally. The team will provide exposure and customers will come knocking at XYZ's door. But XYZ will not have all the customers they could possible have. Only the 3% to 5% that are willing to buy NOW will make a purchase. What about the people who are interested but have more questions and need to know the benefits of the plan but cannot reach your marketing team …? or are in a tight position and cannot afford to buy the meal plan now …? or are interested in other meal plans that you also provide but have no clue about? A good copy will deliver clear message to your customer, convince, and persuade them to buy your products and services while you and your marketing team are sleeping, eating and scuba diving. The best part about this is that it is all AUTOMATED!! No need for you to convince every customer. Let the copy do its work!
  • How many languages are you fluent in?
    I can speak, write and read in English and Arabic. I write copy in both English and Arabic Language. I unfortunately cannot write in my mother-tongue, Somalian. I will make sure I learn it before I travel to Somalia. Somalians love to make fun of those who do not know their language. Huh!
  • How long does it take to write my copy?
    It differs from one type of copy to another. A website copy that contains the pages: home, about, FAQs, Services, and Contact us - takes me around 2 weeks. That includes all the research and the CEOs message, Company mission and vision, and about all leading employees within the Company. An email copy along with the research time demands a minimum of 2 days. A Sales page on the other hand required 2 to 3 weeks depending on the type of product or service.
  • How much do you charge?
    My fees differ with each type of copy. My average price for 1 email is $100. However, the copy I write can be altered and used for Facebook Ads, Instagram posts, and any other social media post without any extra charges from my end. I also provide a lump sum fee for a weeks or months worth of emails as well as retainer discounts. Also, the setup fee of the email list is completely free (Except for third party expenses). My fee for writing a sales page is $1,500. That is the only fixed price.
  • Where are you located?
    My freezone company, Conversion Queen FZE, is located in United Arab Emirates (UAE) in a City called Ajman. But my services reaches far and wide. Email me! Let's see if I can help you!
  • How do I contact you?
    By sending me an email on
Contact Us




Ajman Freezone, Ajman, UAE

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