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Barefaced and Happy, Safa Shire!

I am a Copywriter and a Novelist.

I am also an ex-paralegal, ex-Project Coordinator, ex-English teacher, ex-handball player.

I graduated with Honors Degree in English Language and Literature

minoring in Translation from the University of Sharjah. 

I wanted to become a Novelist for as long as I could remember.

I also wanted to make a lot of money from writing stories.

But these were all “wants” and I always found excuses to stop myself from publishing my work.

Some of the excuses were:

“Writing is not a consistent source of income?

Who would want to hire you for that much money?

You are Somalian, your first language is not English?"

All that self-doubt and self-hate embarked me on a 6-year-journey as a secretary, serving CEOs accomplish their dreams.

One of my tasks as a secretary was to communicate with prospects and close them, a highly valued skill. My closing rate was almost close to 80%.

A friend then suggested I pursue copywriting full time! 

Fast forward to one year from now...

I enrolled and successfully completed 8 training courses in creative writing and copywriting.

One of my mentors, Stefan Georgi, grossed over $700 Million with ONLY WORDS!!.
He is a world-renowned copywriter for major companies in America and

he started his own health supplement that crossed 8 figures in revenue.
He trained many successful 7 to 8 and 9 figure copywriters. 

As did my next mentor, Sean Ferras, a 23-year-old Australian … 
Yes!! TWENTY-THREE-year-old!!! 
who took copywriters from $0 monthly income in copywriting to 8 figures.

Alex Cattoni is also one of my teachers. She is a famous copywriter with big following on YouTube. 

She even started her own army of copywriters called Copy Posse, a community of copywriters that anyone would be proud to be a part of. 

Their expensive courses were a gift to myself, for my 27th Birthday. 
But the support I got from them was so inspiring. They were the gift that kept on giving, with more training, community support and live Q&As.

I was inspired by their mentorship and wondered how I could apply the same principles in serving you. 
The answer came to me in one of Stefan’s words:
“Focus on your client’s success and your success will follow!”

So, and in order to put forward your success, 
I am giving away 7 days of free copywriting services to double your customers through email copy and close them with sales and landing pages. 

Though 7 days is not enough to double your leads, it is a great start!! 

Go to the offers page to see how it works!!

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