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Personalize your message and Skyrocket your sales without emptying your wallet or letting go of your integrity!

The marketing solution, if done right and regularly, can make you more money than you could ever imagine!

And read about how an online electronic retailer boosted their revenue by 18.25% per mailing with a stupid and simple trick without paying designers or copywriters any extra amounts and how a shop that was about to close due to the pandemic SOLD out from using this service!


Have you ever felt a tightness in your chest and thought "This business is sucking the life out of me?"

At the beginning of your new journey, did you have a (somewhat) clear plan on how you want your business to look like? and how much time it would take you to reach that point? Have you exceeded that timeframe?

Do you have a lot on your plate and you cannot hire someone to help you because you do not know when you will be able to afford a new employee?


I also have worked with people who had set goals in their minds but did not have anyone they could rely on to do their work.


My one and only goal is to make you do the parts of your (new and beautiful) business that you love and leave the rest to me!

Money-Saving Email Marketing

An online retailer named Adorama felt that their email campaigns were fatigued. So they decided that they needed some personalization. Hence they promoted each product separately within the same email format. That did not only boost their revenue by 18.25% per mailing but also had a 25.33% lift in average order value and a 20% increase in engagement.

-Marketing Sherpa


Pivoting in Pandemic

After the closure of Soluna Garden Farm Shop due to lack of sales during the pandemic, they decided to offer a subscription plan for people to get their herbs and teas on time. They already had email addresses of their customers. So they decided to blast them with the launch of the subscription offer. They SOLD OUT from the first email. That's a 500% increase in sales. Now they even have an online store.

-Marketing Sherpa

Noticed the similarity between both companies?

Both companies used EMAIL Marketing Strategies to increase sales and conversions.

They also equipped themselves with great copywriters that excelled at what they do.

So here is the obvious question... 


Why me?

Hi, I am Safa.

I helped a dozen companies and personal brands directly and indirectly pivot and increase their sales and grow their businesses in the last 6 years.

Furthermore, I have also managed to keep all my clients elated with the work I have provided them with. 

Trained by the Giants of Copywriting and Marketing like Stefan Georgi, Dan Lok, Sean Ferras and Alex Cattoni! With their support, nothing seems impossible.

And so I am offering FREE 7 Day Copywriting Services

What is included in this offer: 

  • (1) One CONSULTATION CALL to analyze the condition of your email list, and customer behavior and brainstorm the BEST solutions. (Valued @ $85)

  • Dissecting your email list, segmenting them, and cleaning it up to maximize the results of your emails and prevent emails from landing on spam or promotions.(Valued @ $300)

  • (3) Three Emails sequenced in a well-thought-out timeline with Unique (HOT!) Subject Lines, Unbeatable offers, and Punchy Call-to-Action.​ (Valued @ $300)

    • You can choose from the below list how you want to use the Three Emails:

      • Welcoming and Introduction Email to make sure that prospects know exactly whom they are talking to!​​

      • Re-engagement Campaign to hook customers to your new services, offers, or get them to renew your valuable memberships and subscriptions.

      • Abandoned Cart Email Sequence to win customers back and never let them go with these sequences.

      • Repeat Customers Email Sequence to make sure that the glittery pillow that they order have arrived in it's best condition and if they need anything else.

      • And any kind of email sequences that you currently need.

  • 2 (Two) Revisions on Each Email!​​

Writing on a Notebook

So you might ask yourself...

Why am I doing this for FREE???

IT IS $685... FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!????!!

Well, here is my answer:

Number (1)- I want to introduce myself!

I know how skeptical you can be towards people having big claims and not delivering!

So I wanted to show you who I really am, so you can continue working with me with ease of mind!


And Number (2)- As I am starting in this business on my own (after being employee helping other companies realize their goals)

I want to have my own record of happy faces saying

"Safa was the light that our business needed!"


So all I ask is for...

A Testimonial from YOU

A Referral to 2 other Companies

A Case Study on your company and the progress the copies created!

If you are ready to try something new and see how far you can go with it?

Or if you are willing to do what it takes to not just hit your target income but keep it multiplying and growing?

 then what are you waiting for!



We will get on a 7-minute call through ZOOM to find out if you are a suitable client and if my service will be helpful or not!

We will have our consultation call and provide you with your FREE copy!

Have a Follow-up call to check how the copy is working out for you and how to improve and grow your business.



Email Me: "interested"!

Do Not Hesitate! 

This offer is valid until I get 3 (THREE) testimonials and referrals only.


After which it is gone forever.

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