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How to write seasonal offers and discounts to sell to Arab Customers Online?

Are you frustrated with no sales😣?

Are you wondering when you will see your products flying from your stores while you are buying the third pack of nuggets your kids want?

Well, in this blog you will learn one of the many things you need to know...

How to draft offers and discounts for your Arab Customers that are either from UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi, Yemen, or any other Arab Country.

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Ad that sells in the US or the UK may not perform equally well in say, UAE or Saudi.

And one generic ad for all of your Arab customers is not effective too.

Especially seasonal offers.

Here is a list of the 7 main seasonal offers that you can use in the Arab World:

1- Eid-Al-Fitr Offer

2- Eid-Al-Adha Offer (And yes it is different from Eid-Al-Fitr)

3- Ramadan Offers

4- White Friday (Like Black Friday)

5- Christmas Offer

6- Diwali Offer

7- National Day Discount

How to write the copy for the above offers?


1- Eid-Al-Fitr

It comes after Ramadan and is usually celebrated for 3 days. But do you know when the majority of Muslims start shopping for Eid-Al-Fitr? Around 3 to 4 weeks before Ramadan (i.e. 2 months before Eid).

Example For a Product: Every household has different traditions for Eid. But the Majority do these three things in a different order!

First Day: Visit Family Members

Second Day: Go on an Eid Trip

Third Day: Entertaining Guests and Relatives in their homes

So a Fashion brand can have the following Ad!

*Oh! Don't forget the Call-To-Action!


2- Eid-Al-Adha (Upcoming Holiday - 19 July 2021)

Remove the Moon from your Ads for Eid-Al-Adha!

This Eid comes after the Pilgrimage Season. The Moon is specific for the Eid after Ramadan!

The most iconic ad for this Eid is the Sheep because it is commonly eaten during this Eid.

Some brands got creative with this concept!

As for the copy, you could focus more on (1) Sharing and (2) Quality time with Family!

This is from Rimiel Chocolaterie and the image is from their website!

And this is from Zomato (one of the major food apps in UAE).


3- Ramadan

Ramadan is probably the season with the Most Ads, offers, and discounts.

This is because there are more Dramas and Programs on TV!

That means people are watching TV Dramas online and not on TV. What decade are we living in? The 2000s?

Visitation is very common in Ramadan during Iftar Time (Time of Breaking the Fast).

So an Ad for a Furniture Store could go like this:

"This Ramadan EXCHANGE your old dining table and WOW your guests with new a table that cost 40% Less! Old Furniture Pick-up services Available and Included in Total Price of New Furniture!"


4- White Friday (Like Black Friday)

Why is it called White Friday and Not Black Friday?

Because Black Friday is associated with Western Culture (specifically America). It's not in our culture, Arab Culture. And Friday is considered a kind of small Eid (Holiday/Rest Day) for Muslims so it can't be black. Friday is the BEST!

Brands and Companies drop the biggest discounts and offers of the YEAR on White Friday! So you have to make sure people know that through your copy.

White Friday occurs at the End of November but does not have fixed dates. Every Brand and Company drop it whenever they want (around a Friday!). It usually lasts for 48 to 72 hours.

So Advertise AHEAD OF TIME, usually by 4 to 5 weeks! Just like how wego did!


5- Christmas Offer

If you think all Arabs are Muslims, then you are mistaken!

Most Arab countries have diverse cultures! 13% of UAE residents are Christians and 99.999999% love Discounts. So offer them!

Unlike Western Countries, Shops, Hotels, and Businesses do not stop working during Christmas! Some companies do provide their employees with 1 day off to celebrate Christmas, but some don't!

So offer discounts on Christmas WEEKEND and New Years'!

Also, having a good idea of your target audience and what they buy can help a lot. I mean an Abaya Boutique having a Christmas Sale is seriously weird (But hey... thinking about it... could be a great PR that could go viral).


6- Diwali Offer

I mean why not? I barely see ads for Diwali in UAE, even though 6-10% of the people celebrate it here!

Still the same as with Christmas, it is not an official Day off for Businesses! So keep the customer in mind when writing Ads for them! Cater to their frustration and provide them with a happy alternative!

They are far away from their family! Especially during these times. So write an uplifting and positive copy to keep their spirits up.

Props to AZ Furniture! Though it could be improved! Ex: How can they celebrate it?


7- National Day Discount

And the last is always the best. National Day is celebrated in most Arab countries. In Abu Dhabi, UAE (where I live) WE GO CRAZY!

From attacking everyone with Snow Spray 🥳 and decorating cars with national flag and stickers🎉🎊! (Though they are stopping it nowadays! Shame!)

I mean, it's a gold mine of Ads that are not being utilized! But because it comes before Christmas and after White Friday many brands and companies choose to skip it!

A wise company owner would advertise both Christmas and National Day together and choose different products and services that suit each celebration!

Let me give you an example for a service since I have been only talking about products only:

*National Day Discount! Get FREE consultation on the Best Universities for YOU! Valid From 2 to 4 December.*

And for Christmas, give them an alternative offer (since students have winter break):

*Enjoy Winter in ENGLAND! Learn How to Speak English! Ace Your TOEFL! Join your Dream University!*


If you have liked what you read and want to learn more, let's connect on Instagram!

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